The Bachata is a dance for everyone, and once you learn, you’ll be Bachata-ing everywhere!

Using simple side-to-side and forward-to-back stepping and sensual hip movements, the Bachata is a great dance for beginners. It’s all about sensuality and doesn’t use complicated turn patterns. Think you can handle the heat? Here’s more about this romantic Dominican dance.
The Bachata is a dance from the Caribbean and Dominican Republic, and it began as a very basic dance. Essentially, this authentic style is features a full 8-count, dancing within a square, hence the side-to-side and forward-to-back footwork. The ballroom version of Bachata is similar to this authentic style, but there is more hip movement. The sensual hip movements in the Bachata dance were originally used as a “mating call” of sorts, where the connection of the couple could be seen from afar by the frequency or sensuality of their hips moving. Now, it’s par for the dance.