The Dancity academy boasts some of the best kids’ Hip Hop dance classes has to offer.

Classes can range from 45minutes to an hour, and focus on fundamental moves and techniques. Students will also learn different age-appropriate choreographed routines which incorporate several popular Hip Hop styles. Our teachers have many years of training, and will move at a pace appropriate for the kids in each class. Students can begin taking Hip Hop dance classes at our dance school site as a young toddler, a Groover. Hip Hop dancing at any age allows the brain to continually rewire its neural pathways, and in doing so, it helps with neuroplasticity and has a positive effect on numerous areas of mental health. By simply attending a Hip Hop dance class regularly, a student’s neural connections are stimulated and this assists with optimum memory function.
Along with the many positive mental benefits Hip Hop has to offer, it also assists with and supports a large range of physical benefits